Why I FIsh

Why I Fish

The fish don’t care

if I’m rich or poor
or how big my house is.
The fish don’t criticize
or ask too many questions.
They don’t care if my
jokes aren’t funny, or if
my clothes don’t match.
The fish challenge me.
Relax me. Captivate me. Comfort me.
The fish help me connect with nature
an remind me of what’s important.
The help me slow down and
appreciate time with friends and family.
The fish make me a better person.
The fish make me happy.

This is an original fishing meme by Respect the Fish. You are welcome to repost, but please do not alter the image in any way. Find other spankin’ fresh fishing posts delivered daily by Respect the Fish by following us on Facebook.

5 thoughts on “Why I FIsh

  1. Shannon says:

    Is there somewhere I could get the why I fish quote on a sign? Looking to put this quote on a sign and a picture next to it. Potential birthday gift for my husband.


  2. Shannon says:

    Awesome!!! I checked my e-mail and auto correct left out the numbers of my e-mail address. Could you send me a new e-mail with the correct address.

    Thanks so much for your help!!!

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